Photographs of the Polo x Naiomi Glasses collaboration.
Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses, the inaugural collaboration of the Ralph Lauren Artist in Residence program, honors Navajo heritage and centuries-old weaving traditions
Photograph of golden meadow and mountains in distance.

“Heritage and tradition are at the center of everything I love—things that encompass both beauty and utility, that are uncontrived and personal, and that are passed down for generations. Bringing the most authentic expression of heritage craft to life means working with those who have created and sustained these timeless traditions for centuries and sharing their stories with the world.

That is why we have developed the Ralph Lauren Artist in Residence program, inviting artisans to collaborate very personally with me and my design teams—allowing us, together, to form a special blend of traditional craftsmanship with our timeless design ethos.

This is how we bring a truly authentic expression of these designs to life, benefiting artisans and respectfully sharing the timeless beauty of their heritage and stories.”

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Naiomi Glasses

Naiomi, our first artist in residence, is a seventh-generation Diné (Navajo) textile artist and designer. She learned her craft from her late grandmother, Nellie Glasses, after moving to Dinétah (Navajo Nation) when she was 12. Naiomi’s love for the Navajo way of life, from the beauty of its land to its cherished cultural symbols, is at the center of everything she creates
Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses

The Collaboration

Our partnership is built on a shared love of heritage and craftsmanship. Over the past two years, Naiomi worked with Ralph Lauren and his design teams to reimagine the original designs of her woven art into a collection inspired by her family, homelands, and community on Dinétah (Navajo Nation). To accompany the collection, she curated one-of-a-kind silver and turquoise jewelry pieces handmade by renowned artisans from the Navajo Nation, Hopi Pueblo, San Felipe Pueblo, and Zuni Pueblo
“When people wear the collection, I want them to feel empowered. I want them to feel confident, and I want them to know they are supporting the work of a Native artist.”
Photo of Naiomi Glasses reviewing fabrics for her collection. Close-up of hand holding piece of turquoise jewelry.
Video of Naiomi Glasses and Ralph Lauren design team working on the collection.
Animated sketches of the Polo x Naiomi Glasses collection.
Photograph of rock formation.
Photograph of model in cream-and-brown wool wrap.

Heritage & Design

Naiomi’s weavings and designs celebrate Navajo patternwork and centuries-old weaving traditions. Traditional motifs hold deep meaning in Navajo heritage and are often recognized as a personal expression of the weaver. These symbols, among others, are found across this collection
Preview video of Naiomi Glasses docuseries.
The Docuseries

Celebrating Craftsmanship and Heritage

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Shaandiin Tome (Diné/Navajo)
“This first drop of the collection is truly a love letter to the land. When I think of the land, I think of my family. It’s a way to show love for them and just how interconnected everything is.”
Video of people wearing Polo x Naiomi Glasses apparel.

The Collection

Love of the Land is the first of three special-edition releases, for men and women, from Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses
Model walking among rock formation wears blanket-inspired wool wrap.

The Wool Wrap

A modern interpretation of traditional wearing blankets, featuring Naiomi’s motifs using natural, undyed wool
Large rock formation in prairie.
Model wears cream cowboy hat, knit brown wool coat, and denim jacket.
The weavings’ variegated stripes are a nod to the rock formations on Navajo Nation
Men in PRL x Naiomi Glasses apparel and horses in field.
Model on horse wears brown wool ranch coat and silver and turquoise jewelry.

Our Support

A percentage of the purchase price from sales of the first drop of the Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses collection will benefit Change Labs, a Native-led nonprofit organization focused on fostering the creation of successful Navajo and Hopi small businesses that provide a social benefit to tribal communities. This support builds on ongoing efforts by Ralph Lauren and the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation to help preserve cultural heritage and enable access to educational and career opportunities within Native communities
Model on horse wears brown wool ranch coat and silver and turquoise jewelry.

Our Work to Design With Intent

Since our founding, Ralph Lauren’s design ethos has been inspired by the beautiful and interconnected history, arts, crafts, and cultures that make up the fabric of America. As we look to the future, we are evolving our design approach from inspiration to collaboration—focused on honoring heritage craft and those who have sustained these traditions for generations. This means taking meaningful steps to be more inclusive throughout our business, including how we design, make, and market our products.
The Ralph Lauren Artist in Residence program is a key part of this work, inviting artisans to work with our design teams in a mutually beneficial creative partnership. Through collaborations like this, we are working to center the voices of artisans and the communities around them, ensuring they decide how their culture and heritage are used and how their stories are shared.


Two additional special-edition releases from the Polo Ralph Lauren x Naiomi Glasses collection arrive next year
Colorful sketch of man holding skateboard wearing knit sweater.
Spring 2024
Sketch of man in navy coat.
Fall 2024