Video of men in tweed Polo outfits.
Chapter 3


Man wears tweed jacket, brown turtleneck sweater, and newsboy cap.


Encapsulating a combination of classic tradition and creative innovation, the Polo Originals collection is a continuation of our commitment to quality and timeless style


Heritage fabrics and prestige tailoring appear in a palette of natural hues, recalling our roots in craftsmanship and adapting classic silhouettes in a contemporary manner for the modern gentleman


Close-up of tweed sweater fabric.

Made to Be
and Worn

Corded Cotton Biker Jacket This vintage-inspired jacket is crafted with a corded cotton ottoman fabric, which originated in Turkey and is distinguished by its pronounced ribbed texture. The interior is finished with stretch corduroy lining and custom plaid piecing
Video of men in tweed Polo outfits.

The Oilcloth Trench Coat

Recalling both the early 20th–century dispatch jackets worn by service motorcyclists and classic walking coats worn by British gentry, this double-breasted trench is designed with British Millerain® to keep wearers dry without sacrificing the traditional details—including a waxed cotton exterior and motorcyclist-inspired convertible collar
Man wears grey oilcloth trench coat over tweed suit.
Oilcloth trench coat and tweed suit on rig.
Man sitting on motorcycle wears grey oilcloth trench coat over tweed suit.
Close-up of man in grey oilcloth trench coat and tweed suit.
A Quiet Rumble Hugh rides a 1928 vintage BSA Motorcycles S27 Sloper through the streets of Edinburgh
Oilcloth Down Parka Imbued with a sense of rugged adventure, this parka is made with British Millerain® oilcloth, an icon in textile production with a legacy that stretches back to the late 1800s. This is the first time an iteration of this iconic Ralph Lauren jacket in this waxed cotton exterior has ever been produced

The Fair Isle Wool Sweater

Crafted in a way that honors the centuries-old legacy of Scottish Fair Isle sweaters, the sweater’s unique pattern features double pockets and a marled pattern with traditional detailed trim along the V-neck opening.
The pattern used in Ralph Lauren’s design is inspired by archival multicolored motifs and the style’s rich cultural connection to the hardworking fishermen and surrounding communities of the Shetland Islands in the north of Scotland
Man wears Fair Isle sweater and tweed trousers.
Folded Fair Isle sweater on shelf.
Man wears Fair Isle sweater under tweed blazer.
Close-up of Fair Isle wool sweater.
Black-and-white video of men in Polo attire.

The Patchwork V-Neck Cardigan

Pulling from British motifs and recontextualized in a way that is distinctly Ralph Lauren, this cardigan blends a perfect selection of patterns, fabrics, and textures seen throughout the collection—including haberdashery textiles like herringbone, Glen plaid, and cable knits—resulting in a tapestry-like effect.
Heritage textiles found within this patchwork cardigan have been custom-woven by Abraham Moon & Sons of England and thoughtfully selected by Polo Ralph Lauren for this design.
Man wears green patchwork cardigan sweater and tweed trousers.
Folded green patchwork sweater.
Man wears green patchwork cardigan sweater, tweed trousers, and overcoat.
Close-up of man in green patchwork cardigan.
Shetland Wool Tweed Field Jacket An homage to the fishing and utility jackets of the 1930s and 1940s, this garment’s exterior design represents timeless functionality and is made from mill-washed Shetland tweed in a lovat-loden green mix—sourced from the iconic Abraham Moon & Sons